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Emergency Tree Service

professional tree expert working on tree cutting

Our organization is wholeheartedly committed to serving our community in times of need. In the likely event of an emergency situation related to your property, your landscape and therefore your trees, our company and knowledgable staff are available to help you when you need it most. Our team is equipped with industry-leading equipment, knowledgeable staff and unwavering enthusiasm to help.


We are proud to provide a 24-hour emergency service for a wide variety of hazardous and storm-damaged properties that have resulted in potential damage to your property. Our organization has invested substantial resources to ensure that we can mobilize the appropriate departments and crew with industry-leading equipment to address your emergency needs as quickly as possible. During an emergency, our organization takes the appropriate time to diagnose the entire situation and make sound recommendations for the best course of action.


Upon the arrival of our emergency services, our staff and crew will begin the process of a necessary cleanup and repair. It is likely that some of your trees may not exhibit obvious damage after a storm or weather event. However, it is imperative to have your property thoroughly inspected by a certified arborist who may be able to determine potential symptoms and conditions that could lead to larger and more costly problems down the road. Within our emergency services, our team proudly specializes in a variety of solutions to help our community.


Our aim is to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction and work collaboratively with our community to ensure we facilitate you and your property. Our subcategories of services include cabling and bracing, lightning protection, storm damage as well as tree structure evaluation. It is imperative that we lead with a customer service focus in everything we do. We have invested significant resources to ensure we have established ourselves as a reputable and reliable service provider throughout the state.  We make sure to exhibit our core principles in every service or solution we provide. This includes our emergency response team to adhere to strict procedures to ensure we maximize our client’s benefit and return their property to good health.

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The core principles of our team include hard work, innovation, and advocacy. We are wholeheartedly focussed on maximizing the benefit in value that we provide to our community, clients and business partners. We utilize our resources and industry-leading equipment to ensure that we lead the way in effective emergency response to treatment plans. it is imperative to work alongside and partner with an organization that understands the value of a trusted emergency response team. Our team has made the necessary commitments to ensure that we are prepared to help our community when they need it most. To learn more about our customer service focus and our ability to respond to a wide variety of emergency situations, please contact our customer service team at the number below or direct messages through social media.

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