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Tree Care and Shrub Care

beautiful shrub after care

We strongly believe by consistently focusing on quality and the customer experience that growth and profit will naturally follow. Throughout our community, clients and business partners can easily get a hold of our customer service team by contacting us at the number below or directly messaging us over social media. We are glad to provide exceptional service is that covers a diverse range of needs. Arrange your free one on one consultation today by getting in touch with our team at the number below.

Our Services

Springfield Tree Service Experts has professionally guided our community to better looking, healthier, and stronger trees and shrub! We take our jobs seriously and ensure that each client that we help is given the education and the skills to move forward with proper tree and shrub care themselves. We are highly skilled in the processes of fertilizing, nurturing, and caring for your various trees and shrub. Our services are comprehensive and are sure to leave your commercial or residential property with outstanding results! Call our tree service experts today to book your consultation or begin your service sooner than ever!


Staking your newly planted trees is an essential way to stop your tree from leaning. Keeping your tree upright following transplant or planting is important if you are looking for a straight and sturdy final product. Staking can last for the first year or two, especially if the tree was planted as bare-root. We have the expertise needed to help you through this tree care service, leading to phenomenal results. Educated individuals who hold the skill and the industry experience to complete proper results do our staking process. Improper staking can lead to leaning, strained and unhealthy trees, so make sure that you utilize the services of a professional!

Evergreen Bushes

Your shrubbery can require care throughout the seasons, even though at their nature they are drought resistant! Trimming your bushes is one essential step that should be taken by property owners to ensure that proper shape and growth is maintained. Our team can assess the needs of the evergreen bushes and offer to trim or pruning services that fit these needs. We recommend pruning your juniper, yew, or other evergreen bushes in march or April before new growth. One professional tip for your evergreen bushes is to avoid the trimming in fall! Pruning in the fall will leave the bush open to damage in the upcoming cold months.

Our Team

Springfield Tree Service Experts is proud to employ the premier tree care specialists throughout our community and beyond. We believe in investing time and care into the training and education for each and every associate who works with our professional team. We execute caution and care when performing any care service to your tree or shrub, which leaves your residential or commercial property green and beautiful! Enjoy your outdoor living space with healthy and happy shrub and trees, with a little help from our family!

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