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Tree Trimming

professional tree expert working on tree trimming

Why should you prioritize the proper trimming of your trees? Well, there are many reasons to invest in the annual trimming of trees and shrub around your property! Springfield Tree Service Experts offer a comprehensive tree trimming service that has proven benefits to the overall health of your tree while promoting aesthetically appealing shape and more! Trimming your trees with the proper tools and with precise steps can be an overwhelming task, there is no need to overwhelm yourself with the project, instead, call our tree experts!


One of the many reasons to consider professional tree trimming is the structure that it provides to the growth. Pruning and trimming provide purposeful growth and shape for the tree or shrub to take on. We offer comprehensive tree trimming services that help maintain the tree’s structure, keeping the growth aesthetically appealing and healthy. Your tree can be brought to new heights with the guidance and grooming offered by our professional arborist. With unregulated growth, you are prone to see unruly branches, hazardous configurations, and visually unappealing growth. Trim your tree to fit the structure that you have in mind with the help of our tree service experts.

Pruning Schedule 

Tree trimming can be completed on a periodic basis, but when exactly is the best time to trim your trees? Your pruning schedule should be based on the dormant season of your trees! Our professionals can assess the needs of each client and offer a suggestion for a beneficial pruning date. We take the time to educate our clients throughout the process, offering tips and tricks to help maintain the overall health of your tree. Trees grow at different rates, so ensuring that your schedule fits the needs of your tree is important! Our consultation is a great time to see and keep track of the growth of your tree and offer relevant services.

DIY vs. Professional 

Looking at your tree, it can seem that trimming might be a simple task. In actuality, the trimming of trees can be complicated and require professional attention! Ensuring that unhealthy or unruly branches are removed rather than healthy and viable growth is one important step that our team is trained to take. If you are attempting to trim your tree, you will not see the damage that improper cuts make right away. Instead throughout the continued pruning, you will see the tree weaken and even die. One simple way to prevent this ominous ending is to assign your trimming needs to our team of tree experts.

Why Prune?

Understanding the benefits that pruning provides to your plants is important, we are here to help educate our customers throughout the process. We offer insight into the benefits of trimming and help with new or inexperienced homeowners. Tree pruning is the step of removing diseased, unruly, hazardous, or infested branches from the tree. Our steps ensure that proper pieces are removed so as not to compromise the health of the tree itself.

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