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Tree Service Springfield MO

Tree Trimming Springfield Mo

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Tree care is essential when you consider the overall longevity and health of your investments! If you are looking for a qualified and tenured tree expert to take care of your tree service, you will want to consider our comprehensive services. With an outstanding reputation and a knack for all things, arbor or team is equipped to handle commercial and residential tree needs of all scales.

Taking care of trees is not only what we do, but it is also truly what we love to do. We offer a difference in the level of service that we provide and the results that we demand.

About Us

From our first year in business, we have grown dramatically! This growth has allowed Springfield Tree Service Experts to expand our services and develop a well rounded, customer and tree focused menu. Our founders were able to identify a real need in our community and create a well-rounded business that fit the diverse needs of customers. We take the time to understand the needs and wants of our clients, and listen to the signs that the trees provide. When we truly pay attention, we are able to improve the health of the trees and improve the overall aesthetic of the property on which we work.

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Our Services

Finding a service that works for your commercial or residential property is easy with our comprehensive packages! Our reputation for providing excellent service in exchange for reasonable prices is one that we are proud to bare. Not only do we believe in offering affordable tree care, but we insist on the creation and execution of professional services that fit the needs of our community members. Our services include tree removal, tree trimming, tree planting, stump removal, tree care, and shrub care, and emergency tree services.

tree removal in progress
Tree Removal

Compromised trees can become a hazard if not quickly taken care of by tree professionals. We offer efficient and affordable tree removal services that give our community members an option when it comes to the safe removal of a tree. Without the proper equipment and safety gear, you can find yourself in a mountain of trouble when removing existing trees. Take the safe route, and contact Springfield Tree Service Experts to get the job done properly.

tree trimming in progress
Tree Trimming

One important step that all property owners should take throughout the life of their tree is to property trim the dead, diseased, or unruly branches. There are many reasons that your tree might need a good trimming! Along with being a great annual procedure to promote health, the trim can reduce infestations from pests, protect surrounding structures, and maintain the shape of the tree. Trimming is always done with our high-grade professional tools and completed by trained individuals who have the knowledge to perform the task. We offer affordable packages that deliver real results for community members of Springfield and lead to improved tree health throughout our beautiful city.

“The team truly came to our rescue! They delivered great results for a completely reasonable price. We wouldn’t have changed anything in the service that they provided.” Pardeep S.

tree planting in progress
​Tree Planting

Trained and licensed professionals who are equipped to handle the job complete each and every project that we undertake. We love the difference that the plantation of trees can bring to a property, no matter the species of age. We are able to properly plant saplings and mature trees into commercial and residential properties with precision, ensuring that the proper aftercare is taken so that the health of the planted tree remains uncompromised. Trust the professionals to take care of your tree planting needs and see the results that we consistently bring to the table.

tree stump removal successfully
Stump Removal

Stumps that are left behind following tree removal can be troublesome. They can leave you with hazards in your commercial or residential property; they can become a hindrance when it comes to landscaping or even building. We take care of stump removal using one of the many methods available to us. Our goal is to take the necessary steps to ensure safety for our staff and complete an efficient and complete removal of the stump, and roots if necessary.

“The team was great, very respectful and punctual. We had our entire tree removal done before we knew it, and with a great cleanup job to boot. This is the best tree service in Springfield!” Gail E.

tree care and shrub care
Tree Care and Shrub Care

Tree care is essential when it comes to the longevity, aesthetic appeal and the health of your tree. We take the time necessary to evaluate your tree or shrubbery and create an individualized plan that fits the needs of your property. Our team is invested in each and every project that we take on. We hire knowledgeable and experienced members of our community the complete all services and guarantee satisfaction for all tree and shrub care.

emergency tree service in need
Emergency Tree Service

Emergency tree care can come at a hard and unexpected time. We are compassionate and offer our true and humble service when it comes to dealing with customers who have damage that stems from natural disasters. With haste and affordability, we are able to assess the needs of our clients and begin our services immediately. Available twenty-four-seven, our tree experts are always here to answer your call and get you back on your feet.

“Very nice guys, we had them help with our tree planting on a new property and we saw the level of care they invest in their work.” Irene L.

Call Us Today

When you decide that it is time to bring in the professionals for your tree care needs, we are a simple call away! Our tree experts are equipped to handle the safe removal, trimming, planting, and emergency care for trees in and around Springfield, MO. We take pride in our work, which is seen in our professional results. Take the time to call or click and connect with our arborists today so that you can begin your journey towards a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing future for your trees.